Cray User Environment


HPE CPE consists of compiler drivers (craype) and general information regarding interactions between HPE CPE and underlying HPE Cray Operating System (COS) or other supported installation.


Craype provides drivers for Fortran ftn, C cc, and C++ CC for use on HPE Cray EX, HPE Apollo 2000, HPE Apollo 80, and HPE Cray Cluster Solution (CS) systems. The craype API allows extension of HPE CPE with Environment Modules. Hugepages are a feature of the Linux kernel to allow more effectient use of memory when working with larger objects.


The craype drivers provide a common abstraction to compilers from multiple vendors, interacting with Environment Modules to construct a build configuration. To begin, a programming environment module is loaded (e.g. PrgEnv-cray), after that, the environment can be tailored to suit the user’s needs by loading the desired Environment Modules.



Extending HPE CPE

Interaction With Operating System